Kosher Wine, Liquor & Beer

KB Grill & Wok boasts one of the largest kosher wine, liquor and beer selections in Maryland, along with knowledgeable staff always happy to make suggestions.

Great Prices Get Even Better

All wines are already discounted, but on Fridays, there is an additional 15% off individual bottles of wine! Cases are always 15% off.

We will meet or beat the price of any of our local competitors.

Kosher Wine

At KB Grill & Wok we carry all types of wines, suitable for any wine drinker, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. We have kiddush wine, sweet wine, good wine to bring as a gift when eating out, dry wine, semi-sweet or semi-dry wine, and of course we carry bottles of wine that are hard to find and are sold at a premium due to their fantastic quality.

Kosher Liquor & Whiskey

We carry a full line of Scotch Whisky, Bourbon and American Whiskey (including some local flavors!), Vodka, Rum, Gin and other Liquor and Liqueurs, all of which is kosher.

Browse through our expansive selection of whiskeys and liquors, and you are sure to find something that will suit any budget and any palate. Best of all, you don't have to check kashrus of any spirits that are here; if it is in KB Grill & Wok, we have determined that it is kosher.

Please Note: Some liquors may have used sherry or port casks; if this is something you are concerned about, please discuss this before purchasing anything, so we can help you keep away from items that you feel are questionable.

Kosher Beer and Malt Beverages

At KB Grill & Wok there is a large selection of beers and malt beverages that are all kosher. We have expanded our selection of beers, creating a large selection of beers for even the most discerning palate.

Large Selection of Kosher Wines, Liquors, and Beers Kosher Wines Great Selection of Kosher Whiskeys Great Selection of Kosher Beer

Please note: the liquor and wine department maintains kashrus standards through David Cohen, instead of the Star-K.